5 Causes of Wrinkled Carpet

Does your carpet appear to be loose or does it have wrinkles or waves in certain areas? The term for this is buckling and the great news is that there is a very easy solution to fix it. But before talking about carpet rippling solutions, let’s understand better how to put off it from happening in the first place. Click here!

Here are five common and avoidable causes of wrinkles on your carpet.

1. Moisture

You may experience more buckling of the carpet if you live in a humid climate, especially during the summer months. When air moisture penetrates your floors, it causes your carpet to expand and wrinkle. It is possible that the carpet will flatten itself in the long run, but most of the time, the ripple is permanent. Running the air conditioner during the summer and trying not to leave windows or doors open can help.

Also, humidity can enter your carpet through flooding or steam cleaning if it is not done correctly. That is why it is always better to clean your carpets proficiently instead of renting a machine and trying it yourself. Whether you experience flooding, remove the carpet from the pad to dry without delay.

2. Bad Carpet Installation

The carpet is supposed to be stored in the same climate as the environment where it will be installed. If this is not the case, the carpet should have adequate time to acclimatize in the home before installation. Problems may arise with the installation itself as well. The wall-to-wall carpet should be firmly installed with tack strips along the edges. In addition, stretching should be done during the installation process to decrease the possibility of wrinkles.

If your Houston carpet bends, it could be caused by improper installation. Professional carpet repair specialists can correct these common mistakes for you and secure your carpet to the floor correctly. For more information visit: https://www.forbes.com/sites/houzz/2015/08/18/how-to-handle-carpet-stains/#7d7266727b46

3. Manufacturer Defects

Most carpets have a backrest to which the fibers of the carpet are attached and another backrest underneath. This second backup holds everything together. Sometimes, this lower part of the backrest separates from the front backrest when the latex adhesive that connects the two layers breaks. The top layer of the carpet can move generously and also is more prone to bending.

This manufacturing defect should be discussed with your carpet supplier, and a replacement carpet should be installed when needed.

4. Wrong Carpet Padding

Correct carpet padding is very important when it comes to how your carpet rests on the floor. If the padding of the carpet is not thick, strong or dense enough to support the carpet above, the carpet can move too easily. This surplus flexibility can cause wrinkles on the carpet.

5. Heavy Items

If you drag heavy items such as furniture across your floors, they can catch and pull your carpet, making it stretch. We recommend that the method of lifting and transporting rather than dragging to avoid the undulation of the carpet.

The Solution for Wrinkled Carpet

The good news is that there is a solution for carpet wrinkles caused by any of the causes mentioned above. Houston carpet stretching is a procedure in which the carpet is tightened and rejoined, which solves the buckling problems of the carpet and avoids future problems. This is a useful method that professionals must perform before the carpet undulation causes permanent damage, such as severe wrinkles that cannot be reversed.

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